dinsdag 5 november 2013

105th PA "Wild Cats" Zouave Company 15mm

The first of the 'revised' regiments of my ACW forces have been painted, and are a company of zouaves from the 105th PA regiment.

Models by 15mm.co.uk and Cotton Jim flags, this small unit has been based for use in Longstreet and such.  The benefit for the Longstreet rules is that they don't have fixed basings, just advice on their forum on 'the squarer the better' for the bases, and as I still have a few 100 3cm by 3cm square bases lying around from Magister Militum, I'm going for this basing format.  With 4 models a base I can nicely put them in a visually double line.

Now, I know if you look around at 15mm, usually people tend to single flag the small units, but never the less I went for the double flag, something more or less 'distinctive' about the Union compared to the Confederate troops whom usually just carried a battle flag compared to the Stars and Stripes as well as the regimental flag the Union hoisted around.  It just 'looks' right that way for me for some reason.

I have some more of the small regiments to do before I'll be going to bigger 5 and 7 base troops, but this should at least give me some units prepared for the odd small skirmish engagement if I ever get around to it in the far future.

Now, where are my beloved green banners...

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