dinsdag 26 november 2013

Inspirational Lego 7: USS Enterprise NCC1701-D

Back from the weekend (well, actually already yesterday, but I was knackered) with a knee seriously playing up - yes, I finally am going to give in, have it checked up during the easter holidays to get surgery beginning of july 2014.  

Which means I can be inspired a lot the comming months, as that would mean a 6 week revalidation (been there, done that, more then once) adn PRAY there will be no heat wave like past summer when I have a cast covering 2/3ths of my leg... but it's the only moment I can have it done with the school hours in mind again come september.

But on to today's inspirational thingie: this darn cool looking Enterprise always puts a smile on a trekkie's face.  It's kind of pity the franchise is with Kre-O as those bricks and builds are far inferior to the well known big brother, though the price still makes it tempting though.

So people MoC'ed their own, like this one here:

For my own moccing, I'm currently 'in wait' for half a dozen small orders from BrickLink, as I've been shopping around bits and pieces to do some builds (like star wars droid arms, 50 for 0.02 cents each.  I need about 20 for sure, but it never hurts to have 'some' spares at that price).

Once those arrive, I can continue with some of my Guild of Historica ideas, being at first stages one for the market cart (I'm going to bend the rules a little in a good way, you'll see), the Fencing entry from the wall category (droid arms...) and see if I can work my head around something for the stables and barracks tree lines.

Talking trees, I still need to study the Smurf's Harry Potter forbidden forest plan for ideas on how to build gnarled old trees I just remembered.

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