dinsdag 12 november 2013

LEGO Harry Potter Years 5 - 7: The 21st Platinum

Okay, I admit, I`m a sadist.  For weeks now I have barely been playing on the Playstation, as I`m saving up focus for Brave Soldiers, the newest Saint Seiya game comming this month, and the final platinum I plan for the challenge.

But then I noticed this morning that Andy is trying to match my Platinums that I scored, with first The Walking Dead on the Vita, and now Legends of War.

Being the sadist that I am as such, I thought `let`s return the favor` and with HP on 80% for months now, mostly thanks to Humpty, Dumpty and the Smurf who scored most trophies since I finsihed the storyline months ago, I took advantage of a free hour I had this evening and round it all out.

One hour later, and virtual platinum number 21 is on the shelf.

Now, like most LEGO games, this one is another franchise based, full of humour play experience, though I still prefer Pirates of the Carribean the most of all those released so far.  It is as well a darn irritating game for me, as I kept getting lost in Hogwarts during my journeys.

Never the less, I just needed to find 3 more characters, free 4 students (one I needed to comb through the whole castle again until I finally found him in Divination Class) and get that irritating green crest part in the corridor sequence.

But I managed it, and that is another game classified as beaten to the bone... and a few hundred points to top it all off.

IF I can get my ass hauled to do it, I can still platinum about 4 games rather easily, being 3 more LEGO games (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones and Star Wars) as well as one of the Shrek games I got lying around, but I doubt I`ll even bother during the competition unless the opponents get in to much a grove of scoring.

For the rest, 2 to 3 more potential platinums are around the corner if Chu and The Smurf finish, well, The Smurfs, and the beloved one gets going again on her Rango.  I`m holding my breath, you never know after all, but if it ain`t well, pity but it ain`t then....  Fingers Crossed!!!

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