dinsdag 26 november 2013

A Saint-ly Morning

The postman, my best friend!

Arrived over the course of the past two days, I got myself a nice lot of goodies for my collection, one happy camper here.

First off is this awesome set of a Dramatic Cosmo Figure gashapon, detailing the fight between Seiya and Aiolia as he unleashes a Ryu Sei ken on the Gold Saint.  This is a great series of models, and I`m still looking out for the Camus vs Hyoga and the Ikki vs Nachi ones to add for sure to my display cabinets.
Second great goodie are these Thai bankbills, detailing saints on both sides.

The next thing I got was the Pope Arles starter deck from the italian Saint Seiya cardgame.  Both Athena and Arles are `fixes` sets of 45 + 1 cosmo card that you get complete in a deck box, and then there is a third series, the base set box, which I *think* is complete as well, the traductions are still progressing on the list details for this, my italian being a bit rusty.

Finally I received another lot of 10 boosters from the Italian series trading cards, making me cross off my missing `regulars` of the searching for list, as well as being able to replace some of the normal characters with holo editions, AND get two more of the gold saints, Aries and Pisces.

Not a bad haul at all for a total of, excluding shipping costs for the various sellers, 20 euros.

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