vrijdag 15 november 2013

House of Cards: I Cavallieri Dello Zodiaco - Italian

Today I received 10 boosters of the classic Trading Cards series, numbering 52 cards in the whole series.

Hard to find, these italian boosters went for a sale of 1.42 euros for a booster pack on eBay, and as the shipping was cheap AND fast (both not always certain when trading with Italy) I ordered his final 10 packs as well after opening my parcel.  They are hard enough to find, especcially the twelve gold `Chase` cards (about 7/8 on a whole booster box, good luck finding those...) so I wasn`t going to let this deal slip by.

The 10 packs, each containing 6 regular cards, a checklist card and a holograhic card (the equivalent of a foil in Magic and the likes) have been openend and put in a binder now, and this are the cards I`m still missing for now.

If you have some of them in an EX- or better state preferably, let me know and we will definitly be able to work something out!!!

I Cavallieri Dello Zodiaco - Italian

20/52 - Serpente di Mare
22/52 - Guilty
26/52 - Pegasus contro Gerky dell'Orsa Minore
41/52 - Mur dell'Ariete
42/52 - Toro
43/52 - Arles di Gemini
44/52 - Cancer
45/52 - Ioria di Leo
46/52 - Virgo
47/52 - Libra
48/52 - Scorpio
49/52 - Micene di Sagitter
50/52 - Capricorn
52/52 - Fish

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