woensdag 6 november 2013

Saint Seiya the CGI movie

Okay, THIS IS IT.  The movie I'm looking out for more then even The Lord of the Rings or a Star Trek movie.

This is the movie that has been long 'in the talks' and now has been announced at last, with the blessing of Kurumada himself.

And the first screens of Seiya look very promising.

There have also been revealed some upcomming myth cloths for the movie, and the Seiya one looks definitly okay in my book.

I'm not that wild of the Sagitarrius Aiolios though, but at least he seems he'll have a bigger part to play then in the original anime.

Let the countdown begin, it'll only cost about 1712 euros to watch it on release (being 12 for the ticket, and like 1700 to get to and fro to Tokyo), so time to seriously clean out the closets!!!!

Or import the BluRay when it comes out ;-)

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