maandag 4 november 2013

A - Z Books: a small addendum

I did my list two weeks ago, but in all my speedy braindraining I realised this weekend I actually forgot to mention two reads definitly worth checking out.

The first is the Area 51 series by Robert Doherty.  This series brings a whole new take on ancient myths and legends like the pyramids, the purpose of the Great Wall of China, Atlantis and Excalibur to name a few, and how they are all actually interconnected by an alien race that apparently lives amongst us in hiding, the Airlia.
Now they are waking up, and mankind faces a struggle for freedom (not extinction, they don't want to kill us, just put us in forced slavery and rule as gods).
A personal highlight for me was how they rose the USS Arizona from Pearl Harbour... great epic reading stuff (and definitly better naval brawl then Battleship).

Secondly the Bolitho series from Alexander Kent.  Situated during the Nelson era, I read these books a few years ago during the 'Trafalgar craze' with the Hornblower series and the Master and Commander movie, and I found them highly enjoyable reads.  Set against a historic background, I always fancied these sort of novels as they give an enjoyable reading compared to 'dry' historic accounts, yet you learn some things through them as well.

Now the list should be a bit more complete, and I'll be gladly following those lists on other blogs, I have already noted down some titles to track down one day and have a go at!

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