dinsdag 12 november 2013

Scale Modelling: Hyoga of Cygnus

Yups, for the first time in long I've been scale modelling, namely one of the Saint Seiya kits I have lying around here... Hyoga of Cygnus (who else for a first kit to be build hehehe).

Now, these models from around 2000 are based on the old cloth model action figures, those bulky fellas with heavy armour from halfway the 80s.  But truth to be told, a lot of the toys we adore these days waeren't that impressive at all back then.  Transformers where clunky, He-Man where 'specially proportioned' etc etc, but we loved them as kids none the less.  And some people still do it today...

Opening up the box, you get one statuette and two sets of the cloth detail parts.  The kit is from the Twin Cloth line, and you can build either Hyoga or his Black Saint counterpart.  Of course I went for the Saint of Melancholy, and decided from the beginning I would paint completely up.

Building the set was a nightmare though, as the chestplate, consisting of 5 pieces, doesn't fit that well as the holes cannot be properly aligned.  Either there is an opening at the back, or at the shoulders, so naturally I chose to keep the fault at the back as he will be standing face front in my cabinet after all.

Once assembled, you get a flesh coloured model with a shiny blue-ish armour, so up goes the undercoat turning him all black.

A first coat of flesh and flesh wash was added, and Cold Grey and Dark Blue tones for the underlying colour.

I then went with Sky Grey to put the core colour on the armour, and a fresh layer of Tanned Flesh over the skin parts.  The hair got a treatment of Sun Yellow, whilst the clothing got a Marine Blue layer.

Next up is the highlighting to finish the large model parts.  Oriental Flesh for the skin, Bright Yellow for the hair, Skull White for the armour and Wizard Blue on the clothing.

Now ready for detailing, including the small parts of the model, the eyes and the base.

The details where then highlighted as was the base lined out, and the Cygnus Saint is ready to be put in the miniature cabinet.

All in all this was quite an enjoyable project, and I'm bound to paint at least one other Saint before the year is over, being either the kit of Deathmask of Miro, or the Blue Forever diorama part of Ikki... no idea yet to be honest, but I'll keep you posted!

May your Cosmo burn bright!

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