zondag 10 november 2013

BrickMania Antwerp 2013 - Picture report

Today I went back to the venue of Crisis last week, but this time for that other passion of mine, and by extension my following: BrickMania, the convention organised by BeLug, a club for LEGO fans in Belgium and of which I`m a member out of sympathy for the hobby. 

Bit like TSA these days kind off I guess...

Tagging along today where my beloved Chu, and the minions in training: Humpty, Dumpty and The Smurf.  I really love the happy faces on the little guys faces, makes me feel good in my role as `The Cool Uncle`

Left most Humpty, next to him his brother Dumpty, the red dress lass is Chu, and the kid with the glasses and blue sweater is The Smurf

Arriving around 11, there was a nice crowd queuing for the second day of the event, but the line progressed smoothly.

The Hall, this time only hall 1 in use where Crisis last week had 1.5 halls, was nicely filled with enthousiasts ranging between all ages.

The `main attraction` was a humongous colonial naval battle, including a lot of great details... if you looked at it closer.  The good thing about Lego is like with wargames, you get a mighty `wow` effect, but usually also a heap of small details and vignettes if you look closer.

Ninjago diorama

Another great set of mozaics present

All kinds of motorized devices

Not to clear as it moved fast, robots in full swing

There was also a selection of Traders, the loot I`ll tell about at the bottom, but I`m proud to say I was the only one of the 4 `kids` not having spend his whole budget.

Air balloon

Setting out on a date with destiny

We`re in Antwerp, where the port services amongst others Maersk

The great Kempisch Village

Medieval house
Snow village with the yeti actually moving out of his cave

A very cool ghost house with lot`s of things going on, including the chase of an alien

Star Wars was a well represented theme this year

Even though Han seemed to have misestimated his landing approach

Lego Friends was an unexpected winner for the company, and it gets more popular each year

These sort of micro diorama`s is what I`m aiming at to achieve over time, based on some of the set series I`m starting to get completed.  It`s cool, and without a dedicated room presents nicely

 My Little Pony
 These cheerleaders where actually dancing to the music played
 The classic space range, still have those, build one already but many more to go

 This was quite cool, the wqter wqs mqde of the transparent blue pieces

 Some of the details I mentioned earlier, this witch flew around the church tower of above village
 The holy man wasn`t present today, but I can imagine what he will have received on a lot of wishlists...

 2CV... too cool for words

 The missile abpve had all kinds of small `living compartments` ready for colonisation of outer space

One day, one day...

Which brings us to... THE LOOT

I haven`t spend my whole budget, as the Pharaoh`s Quest pyramid was not on sale at the fair.  I did find one of the three sets though i really wanted, the Oriental Adventures ship.  Furthermore I found another Prince of Persia set (they keep dropping and dropping in price), an old Lego System tribal chief set, and finally the Kingdoms Jester set.

Not a bad haul indeed.

The Smurf hauled home a Harry Potter promo set, 4 bags of Series 4 and 3 bags of Series 3 minifigures, and the Hogwarts Express train set.

Humpty went home with a Marvel set and an old ExoForce set, and finally Dumpty carried along the Monster Fighters Werewolf, as well as two sets of DC superheroes.

I think the little ones had a great midday, and many a brick will be lingering on tables the comming days.  I definitly had fun.

And thanks Chy for the chapperoning, much appreciated and love you xxx

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  1. Looks pretty cool. My wife thinks I have a problem with my lego collection but seeing this stuff reminds me that I am small time.

    The classic space sets remind me of ones we had a kids. We for some reason did not keep instructions until we got older.

    My mom still has our childhood lego at her house and I have tried to get some of the sets back together but got bogged down looking for a rare piece in several copier paper boxes full of bricks.

  2. You can download almost all of the old plans at the Brick Factory site


    I`ve used it for some projects already (when I can remember what i had about 20 years ago hehe)

    1. I really cannot remember the classic space sets but I have the pieces so I know we had some. The oldest set that I remember that I know we had was the yellow castle.

  3. Fantastic looking show and loot. You can't go wrong with lego.

  4. The junk is already adorning my working desk ;-)