donderdag 7 november 2013

15mm HOT Dwarf Warriors with Polearms

Another full unit painted and based to go in my 'Vault' for trade, as I slowly but steadily progress to the heaps of material once bought never played to fund my Saint collection.

These models are produced by and are of the more classic style of Dwarves like we see in The Hobbit or Dungeons of Dragons, meaning they are short and stocky humans with normal beards, instead of those jolly chubby hairball garden gnomes as seen for example in the Warhammer universe.

The models themselves are a good sculpt, and actually quit a joy to paint, as they are heavily armoured without going over the top and be armoured cans, definitly not the shabbiest of figures out there, but mind you they stand a good head taller then some other ranges like the Splintered Light ones, leaning more towards the 18mm mark then pure 15mm.

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