zaterdag 9 november 2013

The Vault Revamped - and Lego musings

Just a quick post today, as I'm in the mental process of preparing for the LEGO fair tomorrow - basically, trying to reel in the little guy on not blowing all the savings through.

Which is a quit impressive amount for an 8 year old, now he sold off his old Playmobil and some games he didn't play anymore... I think I'm going to promote him to my Consumer Affairs / Product Placement Manager... 

So yes, tomorrow you can expect a large picture report of BrickMania 2014, from the same venue as Crisis last week, with lots of bricky bricky images.  Lego is an art like wargaming, just, well, different.

I personally hope to find at least one of these three sets, hopefully and fristly if it has a decent price (around 75 euros, that's for how much I can get it off Bricklink) the Pyramid as this would complete my Pharah's Quest line completemy including the promo models, and if lucky those two chino - japanese inspired sets.

I always loved the Orient, and this is one Lego diorama I have been impressed with for ages:

But I derail from my initial posting intention: I completely revamped the 'Vault' tab on this blog, focussing only now on the painted models I have up for trade and sale.  As people noticed, I finally got around to painting again and am 'eliminating' units from lead mountain.

Now the problem is, Belgian Post is so ridiculous expensive, and is going up in price AGAIN come January 2014, that it isn't intresting at all to try and get rid of the unpainted materials, as postage alone would top off most models new and including PnP from for example the States to Belgium.  This made me decide to get them all painted up to at least tabletop quality in order to offer them that way.

I'm not looking to get filthy rich of it, and actually prefer to trade them then sell them dryly, but I realise my choice of 'looking fors' is so exotic I'm taking all offers and then go search and just buy the items I want.  I don't think there are many people out there with Saint Seiya gashapon's or cards that also wargame, anime and wargame is a huge line between two very different hobbies it seems.

There is also a link to Bpost (you can set in on english to navigate easier on their site) with the postal rates, so you can see what I'm talking about when referring to their costs.

So if something catches your fancy in the Vault, drop me a line (there is a form at the bottom of the blog) or place a reply or even if you have me on Facebook, drop a line through that channel.  Or ask to add you if you'd feel like it lol, and we'll sort something out hopefully!

Thanks for reading and until the next time, which will be tomorrow ;-)

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  1. I do enjoy your randomly placed young women!

    Lego is, of course, the best thing ever invented!

  2. Well, boys will be boys for ever

    and about the Lego: boys will be boys forever hehehehe

  3. Good luck. We have the 4 of the Pharaoh quest sets that included the stone monsters. I got the pyramid for like 26 dollars on clearance at Target here in the states. I do not think we have even opened the Jackel Sphinx set.