zaterdag 30 november 2013

The Playstation Challenge: part 11 of 12

We're almost at the line now in this epic duel, as only december remains in this battle of battles of two geeks, forcing their families into it, and their epic struggle to prove who takes home the title of no-life gamer geek.

And truth to be told, I'm about to welcome it, as for more then 330 days now I have been updating every morning the Challenge page, having to switch between 'trackers' as YGN crashed down to PSNProfiles to keep puzzling out which trophies each of the participants gained during the day before.

After this, only two more posts remain to be done, being on the morning of the 31st the final month result and then a few days after the overal yearly gained oversight.  Then, after 365 days of gaming, it will be known.  Okay, I guess it is known already who is going to win the Challenge, but we always have to keep in mind that as I pulled of an 8000 points gapper in june, it is always possible the opponent does the same in the ultimate straight line.

Considering Andy won this month solid making up almost 2000 points, it isn't something to be ruled after all in the end...

Deciding the winner:

Less then a gap of 8400 is a victory for me, more then 9000 points gap is a victory for Andy, and in between those two extremes it becomes a draw

The oversight of gained spoils, updated after every monthly update post.

Last update: 30st of November 2013


Points: 64.230 +2.070 points
Level: 18 - 2% +25%, +1 level

Platinum Trophies: 21 + 1
Gold Trophies: 171 + 3
Silver Trophies: 477 + 9
Bronze Trophies: 2050 + 90

Games played: 352 + 3
Games Beaten: 47 + 1


Points: 61.680 + 3.855 points
Level: 17 - 71% + 49%

Platinum Trophies: 18 + 2
Gold Trophies: 169 + 17
Silver Trophies: 453 +22
Bronze Trophies: 1976 + 87

Games played: 241 + 7
Games Beaten: 36 + 2

This means Andy starts the year with a lead of 8670 points, currently the gap is - 2550 (WIN TOMSCHE)

As you can see, team AnRoDr managed to take back 1765 points this month, and observing his tracker is on the verge for a certain burst of about 1000 points in the comming week alone as he nears some platinums on top to bump the two he got in november. 

I myself have one platinum goal 'set' and all the rest must go to the side, being Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers.  On top of that, it seems the GF has been pondering to play a bit more, so if she could either run Rango through it's storyline or score some of the golds on The Smurfs 2, perhaps even platting one of the two, that would be a great help.
A help?  Yes, I'm pretty confident I'll win this, but that doesn't mean that my geeky pride doesn't want to end in the final tally on a positive difference with Andy, as that would mean I haven't only caught up from the huge negative margin, but overtook him.  Bragging rights you know...

As you can see above, my main source of 'income' this month where bronze trophies, in huge aided by the fact I started playing SS 2 days ago upon arrival and am nearly through the storyline collecting a heap of bronzes along the way.  During december the slow grind will begin taking along the silvers and golds hopefully though, but that won't be going as smoothly as there are trophies in it containing you have to win all 5 variants of 10 rounds, 3 matches each for a single silver trophy... that's 150 games for 30 points minimum.

On the positive side, I only played 3 new games, being Saint Seiya and both versions of the Marvel Lego game, for the rest I've been DL'ing the PS+ freebies, but haven't touched them yet.  A shrill contrast for once to Andy's half a level scored in points, mainly due to the huge amount of golds he got more then me this month.  And Silvers.  And almost equalling on Bronzes... yeah; he outscored on each line this month, even 'new games' bar 4 lonely bronze trophies.

Luckily I still have a wide margin, as according to the calculation table I talked about a few weeks ago, the gap should now have been only 7.750 points to end up on the 'perfect 0' draw, and currently it still is 11.250 points.  Andy has to make up 250 points a day as a base + the trophies he scores - the trophies I score for a result of 365 points a day, each and every day of december.  But like I said, he has the time, he has the motivated (more or less) team... if I could do it alone in june when I had a month off, he can definitly do it still in december and make me still having to break a lot of sweat in the end.
 If it ain't needed, I'll be strolling lazily along various lego bricks after my exam, but if needed I guess I'll have to open my archives and start gaming for real again for the final two weeks of december.
 Or look puppy eyed to the GF to finish her games... and score some more points for the cause ;-)

But enough ramblings for this month, Athena needs her Saints so off I go!

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