dinsdag 19 november 2013

Bricking my own mini-diorama`s

One of the things I always said to myself was that once my bricks where all sorted out (which, admittedly, isn`t fully done actually) I would start building again.

Now, inspired by Brickmania, the idea I always had to use some existing sets and build them in some small scene dioramas, has been kindled up and today I received two small baseplates of 16x16 studs to complete two planned ideas... and while at it I completed a third I had started on.

Now, these aren`t by far large MoC builds or such, just simple scenery pieces making use of smaller sets, in this case for all three scenes a total of 2 promo sets and 3 of the smaller sets from a range.

And they where a suitable `training` to slowly get back into it and build some more ambitious pieces in the future... within the confines of the available space for baseplates.

A Dead Man`s Chest

This set makes use of the small Jack Sparrow promotional set, and an island I had from God-knows-which pirates set from my youth.  Sailing the seas to raise funds for a crew, Captain Sparrow comes upon a true Dead Man`s Chest.

The Riddle of the Ring

From the recent Hobbit range, I have this small set when Bilbo finds the Ring and encounters Gollum.  I wanted to incorporate it one a small base in which the boat comes near the shore of the rock formation.

Camp Attack

When waiting for his courier by air to extract a mysterious golden crystal, an unlucky adventurer comes under attack by a giant scarab.  This set uses the Pharaoh`s Quest promotional small plane, which I tried to build airborne using a transparant mounting, as well as the Scarab Attack set.  On top of that, it uses the rock formation from the smaller Prince of Persia set I picked up two weeks ago at Brickmania.

Next project vaguely forming in my mind is something with the Dol Guldur promo set, together with a more build up formation on a smaller plate, before trying to tackle something bigger in the trend of a wizards tower.

Ciao Ciao

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  1. have seen someone replicating works of modern art in lego that looked a little like these and about on the same scale. Kind of made it even more ironic