maandag 11 november 2013

Only 50 days to go

and the epic Playstation Challenge between me and Andy comes to an end!

And I've taken the administration part up a level to boot:

I've marked down my calendar with how many days remaining, and how many points the lead may remain to be in order to win.  As long as I remain above the number written next to each day - a count down of 250 points difference a day - Andy is not winning the contest.

If that schematic is followed, the end result on day 0 will be a 0 points difference on the final day and as such an ultimate draw, so as it currently stands I have a lead of 13150 points, while in order to win he should have reduced it by now under 12500 points.

The math for me remains simple this way, he needs to outscore me by 250 points a day AND get a bonus extra difference one day of 650 points, this last number tallying up every day with any difference under the 250 daily to get points.

But I'm a great guy, and I'm giving him all the chances to pull up next to me.  The only trophies I went for so far this month is the episode 1 of The Wolf Amongst Us, bar left or right a bronze on some Vita mini game.  All the other trophies that come this month are probably going to be earned by 'the team', I'm saving up both focus (as if I'd need that) and 'honey, can I play on the PS3' time-credit for Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers.

To proof my point, here some pictures of what I HAVE been playing recently (okay, IF they get their plans through that PS2 and PSP games would get retro active trophy support, and it comes by a suprise move before december, then I apologise Andy for the bloodbath in advance):

But until then, and until the Saints march unto my television screen, I'll be busy scale modelling, PS2ing and putting all my fainth in the kids and the GF to make Andy's life miserable...

Game on!

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