vrijdag 8 november 2013

Libra no Genbu

One down,  Nine to go for a complete collection of any so far released Saint Seiya Crusade system card.

Today I received a fresh booster box of the second chapter of the Omega series, the 12 Palaces part, a series of which I am still missing 3 cards before opening the box.

Now, booster box is not as for example a Magic box, it only contains 15 packs instead of 36, and goes for around 45 USD for a boxed set.

In those, there are the metals of this series, being the 12 Gold saints, at a ratio of around 1 / 4 packs, so that would mean a small chance of my 4 sure, perhaps 5 cards to be one of the two metals I missed, as well as very perhaps the 1/36 chance of the missing Microcosmos card Aria.  Or it could be I just had 15 extra rare cards for the trade binder.

I got lucky though, getting Genbu from the box, as well as the metal cards Aries, Pisces and Gemini.  Combined with the Buy a Box promo that is in every box, and a free promo I got from my regular `dealer` in Japan with the box, that should get me enough trade value to get a fresh box (if he can get fresh ones, those boxes aren`t that easy to come by) or trade for perhaps one of the missing cards if I find a trading partner.

Now to wait for a parcel comming in from France to scratch some more of the wanted lists...

The quest for the Ultimate Cosmo continues ;-)

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