vrijdag 29 november 2013

Age of Mitgardia MoC`s; a lot of phase one builds

Well, I`ve been a busy little bee the past week, but only got around taking pictures this afternoon, so here is a whole load of MoCs for the Mitgardia community build.  

The general plan is to first build almost all the phase one sets, then gradually expand to phase two on a one by one basis, only to end with a complete set of phase 3s, the best to be preserved afterwards.

As a sort of `running theme` I`m going to be using the same `main character` minifig for the central piece of each phase, as to tie the buildphases together more then just a title and start from scratch each time, and try to include where possible the previous phase build, or elements of it, into the next one.  Not quite sure how exactly to do it for a few of them, but ideas are broiling in the maelstrom of my brain.

Walls Phase One

In the south of Mitgardia, the temperatures are a bit more lush then in the far northern regions.  Unfortunatly, this comes with the drawback that it borders on Nocturnus, so brave Spearwives keep watch on any potentially nefast activities.

The first phase of the walls, this was to be a fence.  Inspired by the idea of linking Star Wars droid arms together, I build this small section to give it a go, only to transfer the actual armed fence to the later stage of another build, namely the farm 3 one.

Farm Phase One
Arme Joe had had enough of the adventuring life.  His service for the clans and countless battles had cost him a marriage and a leg, and in the end the money he made out of it wasn`t worth the risk of endangering his life day after day.

No, today the most risky thing he was going to do was to cut down some Iceblossom Weeds that had sprouted between his Rosalia Flowers, and daydream further about that large animal farm he hoped to one day possess.

But until that day came, those flowers needed tending...

Phase One of the farm is a villager with just a garden, so I went to build just that.  I also included a part of his toolshed, and with the back open to allow access to the things inside.  Now, for later builds, I`m going to enclose the buildings, but at these small scale mocs, putting down a brick block house seems like a sort of waste to me for now.


Damn it`s cold...

In this build, I wanted to try some icing on water, modest though to make it still look like a running stream for the horse to drink out.

Later on, this is to evolve at first into a normal stable, then to evolve in a large one with walled emplacements and all, so I`m thinking now of a way to include both a river / stream running through it (hmmm, maybe I should look to Helm`s Deep to make it run under the walls) and the campfire.

Archery Phase One

"Sis, sis, are you sure about talking dady`s crossbow?"

"Don`t worry beetroot, I have seen him use it an awful lot of times.  I even heard him tell once how someone he knew had a nephew whom`s brother saw a friend shoot an apple of the head of young man."

"Wow, that sounds so cool, can we try that?  Can we sis?  Please?  Please?"

"Sure, but we don`t have an apple... oh wait, here, take that carrot and hold it in front of you, then I`ll shoot the leaves from it.  How hard can that be no, it is bigger then an apple after all."

The final build so far, I just wanted to depict a simple archery target, nothing to fancy or special or advanced.   Though I have an idea for a minifig going to end up either in archery school, or in jail...

So that makes 6 in total now of the 12 to do phase ones.  next up on the list are the Market (which I`m going to add a very special twist to), the House range (again, not going the regular way in that build) and the one I dread the most, being the mill, as I am going to have to think of a way to make the horse go in a circle with feet suited for squares....

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