dinsdag 12 november 2013

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Aiolos of Sagitarrius

At last I have him, the classic Myth edition of the most Saintly of Saints, Sagitarrius Aiolos.  Now the 12 Gold Cloths resonate in unison, as for the first in a long time, they are all gathered together in (my) Sanctuary.

After failed attempts to get him through conventions, as recent as FACTS, I snatched him off eBay for a decent 40 euros, completing the full series of old edition Myth Gold Saints, and now I can start with a calm and serene mind on the EX series.  These cloths will be transformed to their object mode on a one by one basis, but that is still a long way off.

Aiolos was the paradigm of righteousness, and together with Saga the two most promising and powerful Saints of their generation.  But when it was revealed that he would become the next Pope, Saga assassinated the old Pope (Shion) and took on his mantle.

However, when Saga wanted to kill the infant Athena, Aiolos intervened and fled Sanctuary with the baby.  However, Saga in his role as Pope branded him a traitor and it was Capricorn Shura that found him.  Aiolos refused to fight his comrade and didn`t don his cloth, but was mortally wounded in the battle.  He escaped and left the baby to Mitsumasa Kido.

After his death, his spirit would live on as he lended his Gold Cloth to the young Seiya to help the Pegasus saint, who would by the time of Omega become his successor, and during the battle of the Twelve Palaces he revealed his final will to the young bronze saints:

 To you young boys who have reached this temple, know that I entrust Athena's life in your hands. Aiolos.

He was briefly reincarnated at the Wailing Wall, where all 12 Gold Saints, turning out to be loyal to Athena even in death (even including Saga, Aphrodite and Deathmask) united to break the Wall with the most powerful attack in the arsenal of the Saints.  This attack focusses all their cosmo into the Sagitarrius arrow and literally burns up the Gold Saints, leaving only their cloths behind for the future generation...

The model itself, even for his age, is easily the most detailed of the whole series in that it has a lot of extra bits and bobs to complete the armour like wings on the feet (not shown on the picture but attached in the meantime) shoulders and arm pieces.

The kit also comes with a Seiya head, but I prefer the original version for all the obvious reasons...  and who wants another Seiya (wait, I do if the other option is all Koga`s).

March of the Gold Saints

And so with the addition of the Golden Angel, my cabinet now has the full series on display:

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