dinsdag 26 november 2013

Age of Mitgardia: Accidents Happen


... was the last thing Falco, hence known as `the not so Swift`, heard.  Sparring is a dangerous game, and even more so when the fierce warriors of Midgardia take arms to train and hone their skills.  No wooden training weapons for these hardened warriors, no holding back of blows... and if you don`t keep your head cool, you won`t keep your head at all!

This small MoC is the first step on the road to building the Barracks tree line, and to be honest I found this quite a difficult task.  Sparring itself is simple enough, pose two minifigs battlign it out, but what does one do to make a duel just that little bit more intresting?

I opted for the not so common theme of an `accident` happening between a warrior carrying a light weapon for swift attacks, facing off a brute with a huge weapon that you pray that it just wouldn`t connetc.

As it did here...

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