donderdag 31 juli 2014

Myth Cloth Review: Pegasus Seiya v2

It has been a while since I got the time to add some of these to my collection, and then even more before I actually managed to blog about them, but this is one of my most recent acquisitions.

And like all of the old bronze series, he is actually but ugly...

Seiya is the big guy of the series, both in the original series, but also in the recent new Omega series he is the one going into the spotlight.  Seiya is a hot-headed youth, and often rushes in head first to battle (an evolution he made through the series, he was far more tactical in his battles in the beginning of the saga), and will become the new generations Sagitarrius Gold Saint.

Fiercely loyal (and in love) with the godess Athena (and this is revealed in the closing episode of Omega), he will battle to great lengths to protect her against all commers.

The model is of the second version seen in the anime, the Asgard and Poseidon chapters.  Now, bronze clothes are by default not the hardest to assemble (okay, bar Shiryu`s shoulder claws) and this one is no exception.

Containing of the regular mix of metal and plastic parts, he builds up smoothly, but like the v3 version, I think it would have been better if he was a tat more `shiney`.

All in all, at 25 euros he wasn`t expensive at all, and now I have the full series of v2 models together...

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