woensdag 25 juli 2018

Burrows and Badgers scatter terrain

More of that large box of old stuff has been touched up and repaired, this time a heap of small scatter terrain pieces.

They will be used in games of Burrows and Badgers once I got our warbands painted up and Noshi finishes the houses, so that we can fill a nice 24 by 24 area.

The first thing I got done where the most essential pieces, being wall sections.  Because we all need those a lot on whatever battlefield we fight over, don`t we.

I also have some tree trunks ready, old resin models from a french company from 8+ years ago called guthey.  No idea to be honest if they are still around, I always shopped at their stand at the Lille show in France.

This little rock piece is actually a piece of soft plastic from an old BanDai gashapon kit.

I also finished the waterwell, another little model I have no idea where or when I originally obtained it from...

The final piece done for now is a large pile of treasure, which is handy because of certain scenario's including it.

So, that is it for now on the small pieces, nice little 28mm stuff to fill up the tabletop a bit more...

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