zondag 8 juli 2018

The Haul Report 141

Another week gone by, and some nice goodies have been added to the hobby stack this week.

Goodies with mucho to reado mostly for a nice trip down nostalgia lane.

But first, the bare essentials.  Due to a misunderstanding, in which a spellcheck replaced "out of product" with "out of production" in a mail from my regular dealer, panic struck me.  So I went to my online supplier and bought 10 bottles as he had them still in stock.

Okay, afterwards when the error came out, this will mean more of these bottles are under way in august, so I`ll be waching for years now xD.

I picked up three ancient codex'es for my Chaos Space Marines this week from an old Magic the Gathering opponent, being the 3rd, 4th and 6th edition versions.  Pure nostalgia, I`ll be reading those for the fluff and when I blog about them, will compare some things to 8th like how the storyline progressed over the decennia and the likes.

The final item I got was my monthly dose of Games Workshop-ness with the newest issue of White Dwarf.

So that will be a big heap to read indeed for the coming weeks, ideal when on the plane on the various holidays I got lined up during summer :-)

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