vrijdag 27 juli 2018

So much to see still...

Well, I was sitting with Noshi in the couch earlier this week, and we talked about series we still have to watch, both regular and anime wise.

And the list is pretty impressive truth to be told... especially adding in the fact a lot is still coming out, and series I have on my own 'to watch' list as well...


We are currently watching Date a Live, the first season, and are episode 6.  So that means that together with the season 1 OVA, this series will be finished in the not so far future.

But our list is pretty immense of anime series we want to watch on top of that together.  Tokyo Ghoul, RBWY, Overlord, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Strike the Blood, Date A Live season 2, Re Zero, Hirugashi, Another, the whole Fate franchise, Stein's Gate and Basilisk... that's a pretty damn long list.

Add to that the third series of Hero Academia, of which before that I have to go through series 1 and 2 first (the same goes for Attack on Titan)... as well as series I want to finish on my own.  Gundam Origins now had the final episode just released, so that will be seen soonish.  But then there is still Gundam Build Divers, Kuromukuro, Starship Operators, Battleship Yamato 2199 and Blassreiter high on my list... together with 6 others from my "let's watch 10 random anime series this year" idea.

Regular Series

This list is in essence shorter, but taking into account that the episodes last double as long as an anime one, it will be a lot of watching time as well.

Zoo seasons 2 and 3, Musketeers season 3, Constantine, The Shannara Chronicles season 2, ... that's naming just a few while there are some good series on the way like Discovery, Vikings second part, the new RR Martin series.

On top of that, I got some Netflix series to watch myself, like Altered Carbon or La Casa de Papel, together with a heap in the back log still like DaVinci's Demons season 3... this really means a couple of hundreds of hours to watch.

Somehow, I am pretty sure I won't get it all done this year hehehehe...

And that's not even mentioning movies...

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