woensdag 18 juli 2018

WiP The Corruption of Cherno Alpha

A small kitbash I`m doing, as I still had the old Cherno Alpha toy lying around.

And now, it will be corrupted into a Decimator due to adding spikey stuff...

The first thing I did though, was glueing together all the joints of the model, in order to prevent it from spontanious break dancing when it's on the table, while an old cd serves as base.

I kept one of it's claws and added a flamer underneath, while a butcher cannon was scratchbuild onto the other arm to complete it's weapon loadout.

Surely, it's a lot bigger then the FW model, nearly as high but not as wide as a Knight, but nevertheless I kind of like the way it turned out.  Next part in not the near future will be to airbrush the undercoat and the pink onto it though, and then it can become truly corrupted with it's paintjob.

Or so I hope at least...

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