dinsdag 17 juli 2018

Burrows and Badgers

This is one of those miniature games that caught my eye and I just needed to have, in order to have a go with it together with Noshi.

Originally released through Kickstarter, the book, written by Michael Lovejoy, has been published by Osprey with miniatures by Oathsworn.

The Kingdom of Northymbra is the setting, looking a lot like England, but is populated by animals instead of humans.  The King however has disappeared and has thrown the land in turmoil, causing the four factions to vie for power and profit.

This skirmish game will let you field on average 5 to 10 animal warriors of various sizes, which you can upgrade both through your Den (aka your hide-out) or by getting better gear.  The first part of the book gives the background of the setting, and the whole book is adorned with both artwork and pictures of painted models.

The Basic Game concepts are the rules "explanation" on how it uses various dice etc, before we move on to the rules section themselves.  These take about 20 pages of adorned tables and rulings, and aren`t to hard once you get the concept behind the game, being mostly the rolling of with opposing stats and dice attached to them.

The game, being made for campaign driven play instead of competitive play actually, then goes to the rules on how to recruit your warband, your faction and your den.  Allegiances and their rules are then explained, as well as the Magic Users and the various schools of magic.  The final part of this section is then the equipment and what possible benefits they give, as well as any skills you might pick up.

And then comes the "most important" part of the game, the campaign engine and the scenarios.

The book is lovely made and a joy to read in, and I must admit this is a game I really look forward to to put through it's paces.

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