maandag 23 juli 2018

TSA Clubevening of the 20th of June 2018

While I was battling it out myself the past friday, a report on that can be seen a few days ago, there where of course a lot of other games being played as well.

And as such, let's take a look at the various games taking place on yet another damn hot friday...

Apart from my own battle of 40k, a second one took place between the Custodes and the Harlequins.  Both nasty armies, the golden boys where victorious in the end.

A four player Spectre Operations game in full swing.

The Men Who Would be King was present again this evening.

More paper figure battles, as the AWI was now on the table.  I really like the look of these things to be honest, even though I`ll never dabble into it myself I fear.

The Heroquest campaign saw action once again.

The Empires of the Void boardgame was put through it`s paces again this week as well.

While more space combat was taking place in this game of X-Wing.

A large 15mm What a Tanker game, with half a dozen players.

The homebrewn English Civil War rules where being fought with as they still have to decide who will rule england, the Crown or the Parliament...

More movements took place Beyond the Rhein.

While finally, some people are preparing their 40k forces...

So another week of nice games and varied battling going on!

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