woensdag 11 juli 2018

Children of the Emperor! Death to his Foes!

In today's post, I'm taking a look at the current status of my Emperor's Children, most glorious of all the Legions.

Because, if you have been following the blog this month, I'm going all out on my IIIrd Legion, and my initial set goal for them is to reach the 10.000 points of painted troops.

Don't mind the initial...

Now, this will also involve the small contignents (for now) of Daemons and Heretics, whom together when I finish them will fill 2000 points of the force.   Yeah, maybe I can play a faction on my own in future big battles.

The reasons behind this are pretty simple actually...
1. I enjoyed the 40k mega battle more then the other ones I participated in this year.
2. I did some fantastic deals in june to greatly expand the force, virtually putting it over 10k
3. Forge World... my next target to expand forces in.
4. It might actually keep me focussed for once.
5. My primarch model is waiting to come to me on my birthday...

Now, add to that the ever stronger rumours that Fulgrim and plastic Noise Marines are in the pipeline, and I know I'll go batsh*t crazy on spending in the local Games Workshop.

The main army will have some more bumping up, in the way that I'll be shopping more at Forge World as well in the coming months, aiming for small monthly purchases on vehicles and the likes.  And expand my 30k figures to booth with both some Betrayal at Calth as well as dedicated FW troops sets, only to integrate them into the regular army.

Next year, there will be a big clubleague of 40k at TSA, and just for the sheer fun of it, I'll be fighting at least one battle with a 30k army.  Probably against Noshi as she is dedicated to building a Raging Heroes Drukhari force, so that is going to be one bloody expensive game of resin lol.

I have to admit, to that end I'll be scouring the internet for more big lots of either Chaos to bring into the caring embrace of Slaanesh, or to trade around for more members of my Pink Phalanx.

I guess it must be the heavy pinks, it just has that special 'look' to it when put on the table and 'stand out' in brightness, especially in mega games, that keeps me grabbing back to them.  Though 'historically' it was their dark purple pre-heresy colours as first shown in White Dwarf way back in issue 255 (I ought to look on ebay for that particular issue, out of pure nostalgia...).

But short term wise, I'll be adding a missile launcher Havoc squad to my force, a 20 man close combat unit with Land Raider, and a sonic dreadnought for starters...

But those are just the tip of the iceberg of the forces I am going to be painting, because I want to go at least to 10.000 points with the force, and probably a lot more above that.  While that goal is something I would love to achieve by the end of 2019, so far, and even with the recent BnS acquirements,  armoured support is still more or less lacking.  Before the past month, I only had a single Predator, now that has been expanded with three more tanks, it still isn't enough by far.
To that end, I'm probably going to be doing monthly orders at Forge World post-Crisis, to grab an armoured vehicle every month and as such build out the 'panzer wing' of my Legion, starting probably with a Sicaran.
The daemons and the heretics 'factions' of the force will be more of a 'add as I get something' kind off thing, with initial goals of 1500 and 500 respectively, but no set amounts after that for now.I guess i'll get to see where those ships beach after going crazy on alternative models (I'm looking at you, Avatar of Shaa).  And of course, I won't be able to resist adding that 30k force at last, even though they will be integrated into my 40k force anyways, because no-one at TSA plays that game.

It also has the added benefit of budgetising on shows like Crisis, or other events, especcially if they have a Bring and Buy.  This means I don't have to make extensive lists for what I need to get figure wise, as I can just go in 'loaded' and look around for good deals and nice models I can use in my force, because well, at currently about 5000 points painted up anyways (I added a tracker on the sidebar) I can field decent forces anyways already.

Aaaah, the joy of using more and more Tentacle Pink!

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