zondag 22 juli 2018

Haul Report 143: Digging up Old Stuff Special

Last saturday I was with the nephews, who long ago inherited my wargame paints and some figures, and never gotten into it in the end.

So the paints I got back when I started again, but they told me the figures where there as well still. 

I had no clue what I had given to them, so I expected like a plastic bag.  Big was the suprise when they came back with a big red box and a bag full of more boxes.

Inside was a treasure trove of old, including limited edition figures, like Other Partizan show ones, the 2012 Salute Mayan King, but also the ancient GW Norse, Chaos Dwarfs and much more.

Sealed blisters of 15mm HOTT?  Check.  Old painted figures that need a touch up?  Check.  Semi undressed ladies?  Check.

Even my old flocking material, including  the infamous pink sand of 20 years ago that I got when Nemesis still worked at GiFi...

And even a whole heap of unpainted and painted resin scenery that will be recuperated for Burrows and Badgers.

But also a heap of scatter terrain was still in there, which I'll be retouching and then redistribute amongst either aforementioned Burrows and Badgers, as well as for my 40k forces as objective markers for example.

Now, they indeed didn't do much with all the stuff, because the brand new brushes I gave years ago now returned... still brand new.

Yeap, this is big "getting back" for sure...

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