zaterdag 21 juli 2018

On the Painting Desk 56

Another week gone by, and not much, yet so much, has been done.

As you'll see this weekend in the Haul Report, I got myself a nice heap of additional material; ghosts from the past that returned to me.

So the limited time I had to paint this week resulted in the touching up of some models already, while others are waiting to be finished, mostly some touch ups and rebasing as you can see in this post.

The coming week those should get finished normally, as I'll have on the one hand some very busy days ahead at the office, but on the other hand won't be going to the club in order to recuperate from that a bit with brush in hand.

To that end, I hope to get some of the smaller things finished, as well as "pink and ink" the 20 man squad of close combat marines.

And as such, from next week onwards I'll be doing it through video medium again, as the past week and this week I just didn't get round to that due to above mentioned work, as well as family obligations.

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