zondag 8 juli 2018

Sonic Dreadnought kitbash

The FAQ for the Forge World book brought them back, the good old Sonic Dreadnought, and better then before.

While the original model, now impossible to find, was the old "boxy" model, I went to build one with some parts I had lying around.

The base of the model is the Helbrute that came in the Start to Collect box for the Chaos Space Marines.  As per the rules, the melta is replaced then with two blastmasters.  This is a very important change in that it are two blastmasters, so you can fire with them at two different targets, compared to the old twinlinked one that would allow you to target only a single one.  He also comes with a Doom Siren, and I left the power scourge on him as that is a might potent weapon.  This brute can lumber over the battlefield, playing rock music, then use his wailing siren before charging in.

For the blastmaster, I used T'au missile pods to give them a different and boxy look, with the ends of Chaos turrets added.

The Doom Siren is a contraption of lights and exhausts, to represent those old "discoe boxes" we had in our childhood, the ones with the silver netting in front of their speakers.

At 165 points, this is a nice machine, though geared more towards close combat which isn`t really "my thing" but which I`ll have to do when facing one of those Imperial Guard or T'au armies the club has sneaking around...

Now onwards to the next unit to paint... though I doubt that will get ready during july.

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