donderdag 19 juli 2018

The Expanse season 3

God, I love this series, it's smart, it uses "hard sci-fi", and it requires some thinking.

So yeah, of course that means it got cancelled *sigh*, so unless they find another network, this will have been the final season of the series...


The first 6 episodes, like with season 2, conclude the second book, Caliban's War, storyline.  The war between Earth and Mars is breaking out due to Errinwright's treason.  In the meantime, experiments by Jules-Pierre and his scientists on the proto-molecule continue, as the Rocinante is trying to find Prax's daughter.

I loved Amos's "I`m that man" line... watch it and grin!

The second part of the season is the book Abbadon's Gate storyline, as the Belt now possesses the largest warship of humanity, and goes together with Earth and Mars to investigate the ring the protomolecules created at the end of the first arc of the season.  Pulled in, they have to rely on a Holden who seemingly went insane to save humanity from extinction.

What I liked about it

* Everything, this remains one of the best science-fiction series of the past decade.

What I didn`t like about it

* It's apparently not enough pew pew bling bling for the network to continue...

Well, if it gets a fourth season, I`ll be happy.  But at least it didn`t end with an open cliffhanger like so many that went in cancellation hell before (anyone know where the Destiny is at current?).

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