zaterdag 14 juli 2018

On the Painting Desk 55

Well, it's summer time and I'm about to be going on a lot of holidays and travels the coming months... so progress in painting will be seriously dwindling down.

But not before I finished a little bit of stuff this week.

The Sonic Dreadnought has been totally finished, as well as a small objective marker to challenge the clubs local Iron Hands player.

I also managed to 'white in' the areas on the combat marines to start adding pink and then ink in the coming weeks, but I don't expect to much getting done on that in the next fortnight.  The Land Raider also saw some work done with some drybrushing added, while I did a few colours of the Mercator figure's second layer.

For next week I expect zero updating to happen, so if that is indeed so, there will of course be no new clip being taped...

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