dinsdag 10 juli 2018

White Dwarf July 2018

Another month, and another dose of wargame reading for yours truly.

Now that I`m moving away from the historical part for my 40k force, this generally means I only have to buy one dedicated drug a month, but let's have a look at what is inside now will we.

Of course, the big one this month remains the arrival of Age of Sigmar second edition, but the magazine also has a heap of painting related articles this month, so without further ado, let's go over the contents.

Planet Warhammer: a look at all the new releases this month.

Temporal Distort takes us back to White Dwarf september 2013, with the fat Marine Centurions and all included.

Getting Started With... Adeptus Mechanicus gives you pointers on how to field your favourite bunch of crazed technolovers.

Designer's Notes Spectral Forms takes an inlook depth of the new Nighthaunt force for Age of Sigmar.

'Eavy Metal Masterclass tackles the subject of applying battle damage this issue.

Battle Report Throwing Down the Gauntlet is a stunning battle report featuring two Knightly households slugging it out over some supply drops.

Golden Demon Winner's Challenge puts more gorgeous eye candy in the pages of the magazine.

Illuminations The Many Faces of War is another article in the series taking a look at at the thought process behind creating the GW artwork pieces.

Collecting and Painting Mustering For War takes another look at how to put together and paint a whole army in a decent amount of time.

Collecting Archaon's Legion looks at an immense Chaos force for Age of Sigmar this time round.

A Tale of Four Warlords reaches it's finale this month, as the four armies battle it out after being worked on for 6 months.

Blanchitsu looks at more of the gorgeously converted and grim creations of John Blanche inspired works.

New Rules Warhammer Quest brings the new Stormcasts and Nighthaunts to your dungeon crawling adventures.

Parade Ground Behind the Gilded Masks is all about the Stormcast Eternals this month.

Paint Splatter takes a look at the new colours released to go with the Nighthaunt force.

Reader's Models and In the Bunker

So another filled magazine for the month, and with 6 articles peaking this old Chaos Marine's intrest even without them being about Chaos at all, it was a good issue.

I guess august will all be about Kill Team, a game I`m really looking forward to...

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