zondag 15 juli 2018

The Haul Report 142: The Primarch Cometh

Okay, no pun intended even though I play Slaanesh...

This monday, it was that day called birthday, whereupons the big 4-0 arrived.

And Noshi got me some fan-tas-tic gifts to come with it.  The first thing she got me, is non other then Fulgrim himself from Forge World.  My Primarch will be taking his rightful place along the Legion, leading it from the front as exstasy is brought to their foes.

The second thing she got me, is a tripod to put the video cam on, easing my job again to tape my small youtube vids, and unboxing ones in particular.

Thanks a lot my love, these was some awesome stuff, now to combine both into one...

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