zondag 1 juli 2018

The Haul Report 140 - utilities galore

It was saturday morning and me and Nemesis went on a roadtrip to Antwerp city (which is like, 15 mins by tram, but it sounds more epic that way) to get some supplies.

The goal of the journey?  The scale models store Herman Verschooten, a great source for paints and other scenery and modelling utilities.

And I needed some stuff for my airbrush, so it was handy to have Nemesis who paints with those for years along...

First on the list, and the obsolute must have, where Flow Improver and Airbursh Cleaner, both from Vallejo.  I also took along some airbrush paints in the form of 2 blacks, 2 white greys, Hexed Lichen and of course Squid Pink.

Squid Pink was also part of my regular paints purchases, together with some golds and bronze colours, because well, Emperor's Children tend to use that stuff a lot.

The nexr thing I grabbed where 4 brushes of Kolinsky size 0, and one size 000.  I just love the triangular holds, lays for me far better in the hand.

Greenstuff and Plastic Putty where bought as well, because always handy to have.

I also took along some Wildgrass from Noch's train scenics material, for when I`ll be painting and basing those Burrows and Badgers figures.

The final purchase was a pack containing two smoke markers by Momentum Games / 4Ground, to indicate when I pop my smoke launchers on my transports.

So that settles it for now, a nice pool of loot once again...

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