dinsdag 3 juli 2018

Primaris Traitoris test model

Well, initially the plan was to make an Alpha Legion force using the new Primaris models... but that died as quickly as I painted the first model.

Instead, the testbed model of that figure got repainted into the colours of my beloved IIIrd Legion.

The idea behind these guys is that now that the "start" of 8th edition and the introduction of said Primaris marines is 117 years behind us.  Robooooute Girlyman has decreed that any chapter not including the new boys is bordering on the heretical, so there are a lot of these guys around.

And no-one is telling me they aren`t suspectible to the seductions of Slaanesh, as they are a more perfected Astartes, and perfection is Slaanesh's and the Emperor's Children playground.  So to that end, I`m going to include a unit of them into my army, even though it will only be for the visual aspect, rulewise they just be a unit of Chosen.

Of course, taking the p*ss with all those Primaris fanboys at the club that way is an added bonus...

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