dinsdag 31 juli 2018

What I painted in July 2018

Well, a lot of pink and purple dominates this month of paintworks...

Because well, those Emperor's Children ranks need to be boosted, don`t they xD

In a bout of Nostalgia, I painted up one of the old laser turrets and 2 chaos marine crew from the ancient Space Crusade boardgame, which was licensed out to GW.  It`ll serve as a Rapier Laser Destroyer, but it's to me just fun to have one of these true relics in the force.

On the other hand, this Primaris is from the brand new range, and he was the testmodel of a small unit of Chosen I`ll be building using these fellas.

Another reinforcement to the Emperor's Children legion is a kitbash of a Sonic Dreadnought, who can now be fielded again in the armies thanks to the Forge World FAQ.  A handy machine, and so fluffy to Slaanesh forces, I just need to have one while keeping an eye out for the old resin Forge World one.

Ow, and I made this little objective marker to "diss" a buddy of mine to bring his Iron Hands to the table...

One of the things, call it "essentials" if you like, I finished this month are a heap of Rhino's in 6mm.  These 11 brave little chariots will serve to bring my infantry to the enemy, where they can really shine... hopefully.

From a box of old miniatures, I already managed to patch up a heap of "scatter terrain" in 28mm to litter around the battlefield, including a lady with some chickens, but also a bunch of walls, trees and more of those small things.

So, that makes a nice amount of 28 models painted this month, not to shabby for such a busy month at work with very few paint hours.

And the next months won`t be much better, but that`s because I`ll be holiday travelling :-)

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