maandag 30 juli 2018

WIP The Altar of Slaanesh

Well, this is something I did in some form ages ago for my Chaos Dwarfs, a sort of "relic" that will continually be adding stuff should I win games with my 3rd Legion, the Emperor's Children.

Back then, it was a slave unit with models of all sorts in it... now I`m going for an evergrowing pile of stuff.

The idea is very simple.  The base will be an old compact disc, which I`ll be painting the same style as my 40k bases, the white and jade marble looking stuff.  In the center is a pillar of worship, with a statuette on top, dedicated to the Prince of Pleasure, Slaanesh.

Scattered over the floor around the pillar will be relics of the opponents I fought, being heads, weapons, arms, banners, whatever or icons glued to the pillar itself... in as much as possible their colour scheme they used during said battle (or artist impression in case of unpainted *booh hiss* opponents).  Every time I win a battle, I`ll be adding a piece of gear to the monument as such.

The chained poles on the metal pieces I`ve added are for "very special" achievement trophies, like should I ever rejoin the tournament scene and actually win something, the opponent of the finale will be honored on of those various poles.

Every once in a while, I`ll be showing off the "loot" again as it gets added, but the altar itself will be updated and posted on the Battle Stats slot of this blog once it is "ready to go".

I hope over the years this will keep growing as such to an impressive stack of painted bits, that will tell the tale of victory from the Emperor's finest legion to have ever existed as such.

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  1. Great idead !
    I should have done the same while into my 40K period. Continue the good work !