vrijdag 4 april 2014

A Monk's Work

It has taken me almost 3 full evenings of typing and puzzling, but I finally completed a part of a monk's work.

Thanks to an older italian site, I managed to track down the checklists of some old Saint Seiya collectible card games and trading card series, most of them 15+ years old and as such I have no real hopes of getting them all completed... but it does give the collector the thrill to try and trade around his own doubles and have a satisfying feel if he does find something for a good price.

Now, the House of Cards page has been updated with a LOT of cards to look for, and sadly the truth is there are far more card series still out there that I don`t even have found lists for.  Even italian ones....

For one, I have this 9 pocket binder page of italian cards I haven`t been able to track down so far from which series they are.

Apart from those, there is still the `Magic` like italian game of which I still need to type out after sorting out the whole checklist.

And then we have the spanish and argentinian versions... I have a whole heap of them already in my collection binders, but where I can `manage` in Italian, my spanish is waaaaaaaay to bad to even start google fu-ing them.

That hasn`t been all I have been working on for the past days (so yeah, my WoW goals will be really unfulfilled this week, I haven`t gotten the time to play), as I`ve been working on doubles lists, other card games, setting up things for the Pacific Rim trading card set when it comes out (I`m going for a Master Set on that one for sure!), compiling all my data, sorting through all my double cards from all kinds of ccg`s and much more of those `fun` things.

Well, yes, it actually is fun as I like to do those sort of things, but look at the title...

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