dinsdag 22 april 2014

AoM Tower Phase 3

"Finally some rest!" the old wizard grumbled.

He had retired to a cave only to have villagers climb the cliffs for all their petty issues.  He build a cabin, but to no avail as they came boinking on his door.  Now he hadfinally constructed a menacing black tower, and hired some cyclopean muscle to keep unwanted guests away.

He gazed down the edge and saw his muscle burn the last parts of the wooden stairs.  They might be more muscle then brains, their leader barely able to count to potato, but at least they understood simple commands, albeit often to the letter.

As he thought over that, he suddenly realised he had ordered them to burn `all` stairs... and then saw that the stair leading to his rooftop experiment terrace was gone.

As he shouted a loud NOOOOOOO in frustration, a reply came back from below...


The fire burning down the last steps of the stairs

Chase off ALL intruders

I completed my third and final phase of the Age of Mitgardia `Defenses - Tower` phase, and continued on the track of a wizard`s tower.  Now to wait the verdict to be allowed to add that Watchmen title to the profile ;-)

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