maandag 21 april 2014

Hyoga EX line Myth Cloth announced

What a great Easter morning for a Saint Seiya fan like me, as this morning Tamashii Nations has announced their next arrival in the EX line: Hyoga in his `v2` bronze cloth.


With the EX line, the very bad original Myth cloths are being replaced one by one, and this one comes like the others with the `normal` and the `broken` versions, which technically means you could make for example the armour mode and the broken mode worn versions from a single kit, though I`ll be getting down the road of assembling the cool Siberian in his normal armour.  And use my old Myth range version to be re-assembled in the object mode.

He comes with a couple of different face options, inlcuding a version with one closed eye (for the Isaac fight onwards), and the one I`ll be probably using, screaming while doing the Aurora Thunder Attack.

Standing 17.5 cm`s tall, he is expected to be released in August this summer, and considering the fact that merchandise wise Hyoga is by far the least popular of all (his God Cloth version for example costs half of the rest), he probably won`t be to hard to find, nor be to expensive.

Count down and Archonia watching for pre-orders has begin ;-)

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