dinsdag 1 april 2014

Anime review - Broken Blade

I love anime, I love Mecha when I ain`t watching (again) Saint Seiya, and so I watched this highly rated series a while ago (as in, over a year) but forgot to spend some words on it.  So I rewatched the series, which is actually always a good thing for any series, anime or movie as that way your over the `first impressions wow or bleugh` feelings and you can look at the whole thing with a clear mind.

The series itself consists of 6 OVA movies, and has a twist on the usual fantasy / mecha genre.  In the setting, the continent of Cruzon, nerly everyone has magical abilities to manipulate a substance called Quartz.  Instead of knights on horses, these guys are mounted in Quartz build mecha constructs called Golems.

However, when an Ancient Golem (nicknamed Delphine), the Broken Blade from the title due to a cracked sword on his arm, is uncovered, they actually need a pilot without magic abilities to be able to pilot it, and so Rygart Arrow is brought in.  An old aquintace of Queen Sygin of his homeland Krisna, he finds out his old school mate Zess has been leading strike forces from the Athens country to invade his native land.

Being pushed back on all fronts, Krisna has to rely on the Ancient Golem to stand a surviving chance, as the opponents are a far more developped and outnumbering behemoth then Krisna itself, and in an attempt to save his king and queen as well as his friend, Rygart hesitantly gets involved in the war.

Together with his team including Narvi, Nile, sniper Loggin and General Baldr`s son Girge (what a character this was, I loved him every second!) he tries his uthermost best to stop the Athenian army, but no matter what he does and what they try, slowly but steadily everything is coming apart at the seams around him.

In a final attack on Krisna`s capital Binoten, Rygart faces off the Athens general Bocuse and finally manages to defeat him, resulting in the Athenian army to fall back and reach a peace settlement for now.  However, the narritive is written in that way, it looks like it is open for a possible sequel series, and truth to be told, I`d welcome it, as this was a great series.

Storyline: 8 / 10 
Animation: 9 /10
Characters: 8 /10

Total: 8.5 / 10 in my book!

Watch this series if you have a chance, you will not regret it even if your not 100% into anime or such, and at 6 OVA movies it doesn`t even take ages to watch it all!

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  1. Who knows if they'll do a second series, but it's being recut into a 12-episode series with new scenes right now by the look of it... So I guess it might happen? Might depend on how many chapters of the source manga are done.

    It would be quite nice if it did, as I enjoyed this too, if mostly for the really nicely animated robot fights and the robot's designs.