donderdag 17 april 2014

Inspirational Lego: Aliens, Babylon 5 and more...

It has been a while since I penned down one of these overviews from my strollings around the web, and as such I have a lot to show for on what I have been drooling over lately.

First, let me start with the headliner of this post, an excellent fortress build by fellow Eurobricks and Guild of Historica member Gunman, he is even in the same guild as me, and this is his take on the Age of Mitgardia phase 3 barracks.

The fortress is so much pure awesomeness, it even made the front page of Eurobricks.  I like the ingenuities in the build like the use of brown chairs to serve as roofing and the likes.

But Eurobricks had more excellent eye candy these days, as I stumbled upon this awesome gunship from Aliens in the scifi part of the forums:

More science fiction themed builds, especially in the typical japanese style, have been encountered on my wanderings over the internet, like this attack of Godzill`s Mothra and the big Japanese mech launching his fist.

Not to mention even this big Babylon 5 spacestation!

But the absolute eye gasm for me was pointed out by this blog follower and dutch mate Gunman a few weeks ago through Facebook, an impressive, three feet high build of Cherno Alpha.  Many drooldrips have been spend while watching the pictures here...

Not all has been fantasy and scifi though, as this amusement park has definitly been a looker. with lots of small details and great rides:

Another thing I liked, though not my `franchise` has been this build from the Lego Disney Princesses range.

And me?  Well, I have been building some things, finishing my first entry for the next contest part of the Book II of Guilds of Historica, which takes us this time to Avalonia and players can choose to either fight a Drow invasion or contain a plague.  More to be seen of that on a later date.  Other projects have been building further with my Silvermoon inspired creation, and I started a small oriental fantasy styled build.

Yes, I really should make work of further AoM builds, I know...

But a few weeks ago I did play the Harry Potter game with the GF and the Munchkin.  In the end, the kid `won` (because I got tired of the game), compared to other LEGO games, this one isn`t a quick and simple amusement game, but it`s a bit like those sliding puzzles of years ago, as you move the hallways around by pushing them.

Lots of thinking was required... hard thinking...

I don`t really think this one of Lego`s best games.  It`s pretty to look at for sure compared to some other games, but it isn`t really suited imho for smaller children as it takes a long time to finish even with only three players, can cause in-family stresses if one starts playing the sneaky bastard focussing more on blocking off then advancing (I quited doing that halftime) and plainly isn`t a simple game.

Oh well, as Grumpy Cat would say...

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