zondag 27 april 2014

Antwerp Convention 2014 - picture report

Today it was time for the yearly convention nearly in my backgarden, the smaller anime and sci-fi convention of FACTS.

Well, they started with a second hall this year, and promotion was up compared to the previous 3 editions, so would there be more people on this sunday morning?

HECK YES, as this is the line at 11 this morning.  And when I left at 14.00, it was just as long with fresh arrivals, even with the running contest Antwerp 10 Miles and all today.

 The hall when we arrived and most of the masses where still entering... easily navigatable
 But this soon detoriated in a mass blurb of doom

This has as a result I couldn`t take as much pictures as I wanted, as you got bumped left to right constantly, and it was difficult to get decent photos of many of the awesome cosplayers.

Of course, all the necessary merchandise (some really overpirzed, especcially the few LEGO sets, seems nobody knows Bricklink) was present, though compared to Facts, it was a low turn out for Saint Seiya goodies.  I even went home with money left off my budget.

Hmmm, how kawaii would Chu be with a bow tie in her hair...

The second hall was calmer in people, but noisier due to the game stands and the karaoke floor.

And featured a lot of cool collectors material from various fanclubs.

In the end, we wrapped up around two, the masses kept swelling, and I really think after this edition the organisers are going to be brainstorming to make it a 2 day event like the Ghent one.

The loot?

Well, of course I had the pre-orders from Archonia to pick up, being the newest Lost Canvas Chronicles manga, and the Eden or Orion myth cloth

But I didn`t chase for Cherno Alpha and the comic book in the end, and chose my mainstay collection over my current hype collection.  At one trader, there where a LOT of gashapon and anime models, and I bought two of them, the Deathmask of the excellent Chibi series, and a very pretty Pisces Aphrodite model.

I`m going to check the map of the hall to see if I can track her down, it`s the one with also all kind of anime figures above, one which Chu was intrested in but didn`t buy in the end.  Still, my geek heart beats just that little faster knowing that my girl is albeit a little bit, starting to get into the spirit of things.  I know learned of a Narcissa wand she liked (this goes down the notebook of possible presents)

I found something better then the Pacific Rim stuff though, namely these two classic models at only 15 euros each, Surplice versions of Camus and again Aphrodite.

The final thing was something I snatched from the Geek Market Facebook group, for which I also had some stuff to trade with.  A still on closed card Micro Machines Predator set, which I honestly confess I mainly snatched for a future possible trade token.  Yes, `Treasure Hunting`... it`s stronger then myself.

All in all an enjoyable day once more, and the kids had a good time.  Now I got some sites to check out and some events to have a look at... another great thing about these conventions, you get to learn and meet new things, people and stores.

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