zondag 6 april 2014

Additional Geeky cardy goals for 2014

Okay, I like to set goals for myself, even if deep down I know they are unobtainable, and even more so for my Geeky intrests.

This means I`ve added two more to the side barrier today, the first being to achieve the Pacific Rim Master Set I talked about yesterday, which should be actually do-able IF I get a little of luck in my initial box pulls, the second being a very much harder and I`m sure it will be unatainable.  Namely to get all the Saint Seiya trading and collectible game cards.

With those checklists I finally managed to get my hands on for the series of 10 to 15 years old, and only italian and japanese editions for that matter, it will eb really hard to even track down trades for those cards.

The case is because one: they are old, and two, most regular Trading Card sites and forums handle about the american card series from Upper Deck, Rittenhouse etc etc.

Added difficulty to this is that the english edition Knights of the Zodiac promos only came with selected merchandise, so unless they pop up somewhere in sealed editions, it is sheer impossible to grab the cards, and for the Crusade cards Microcosm and Alternates it`ll be down to finding boosters and boxes and be lucky on the pull...

This all means that for Saint Seiya alone, that is a hefty 1586 cards to be collected, though I did just now as I type this managed to win an auction for 2 of the Specials from the Amada 2000 series, so that is *only* 1584 effectively to go.

I guess I`ll have to do quite some forum strolling, website sneaking and google fu'ing the remaining months of the year, in the realisation that it`ll be a very hard search, but with the benefit of fullfilment if I do find something.  But in all honesty, if I can clock this one off at 500 come december, I`ll already be very happy about it!

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