donderdag 10 april 2014

Newest loot: italian Saint Seiya Lamin Cards

A nice little bird delivered a nice little parcel today at my doorstep.  

Straight from `la bela italia` it contained a small lot I found on the Bay for a few dollars, containing 4 booster packs of various series.

The one I of course did it for, was a booster pack of the italian Saint Seiya `lamincards`, which is short for laminated cards.  These are well, like the picture shows, trading cards laminated in plastic. 

Further loot was an NBA Jam booster, a Pocahontas booster containing a pop up insert card, but also a 3-D animated card (which by itself pays back those measly dollars for the 4 boosters) and an italian Pokemon series 2 booster, including a parallel foil insert of Muk.  Those should be able to have some trades coming my way...

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