zaterdag 26 april 2014

Tomorrow it`s Antwerp Convention...

... so that means an early rise, pick up one of the nephews and indulge in a day of utter geekiness.

And of course, that all will be armed with a short list of my Holy Grail, as well as the pick ups of Archonia, from a trade through the Facebook  group, and the small change budget created shopping list.

The Holy Grails

First and foremost, I will be looking out for episode G volume 15, the only manga I`m currently lacking in my collection.  It is for some reason rather hard to find these days.

Estimated success rate: 45%

Secondly, and now we`re coming in the hard part areas, is a copy, working and complete with box and instructions, of this classic Japanese saint Seiya role playing game for the classic `grey` Game Boy.  Think RPG in the likes of Zelda and Pokemon back then.

Estimated success rate: 5%

Finally, I will still be on the lookout for this one gashapon bottlecap figure, the one with Shaina an Kiki guarding the Libra box.  Considering I haven`t encountered them online for the past two year, this is going to be sheer impossible, but you never know...

Estimated success rate: sheer impossible

Expect a picture report tomorrow!

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