woensdag 16 april 2014

Saint Seiya cards: an absolute top day

Today the postman has been my greatest friend, as I received a LOT of Saint Seiya cards from all over the world, adding almost 100 to my tally.

The first parcels where from ebay, conatining in one enveloppe from Taiwain two foils of the Amada 2000 series, a card from the Badai Power ccg from Japan, and from the states the Aiolia promo card from the Knights of the Zodiac series, as I could score a dvd of the anime version there still sealed, meaning the card was inside.

From another ebay vendor, coming from France, I gained 12 of the Amada 2000 series cards.

But the best was yet to come, as thanks to a fellow Facebook card collector from a group I`m in, I managed to get more then 80 cards from various series, for a decent price and some of my doubles in trade.  Thanks a lot Anthony!

It included Amada 2000 cards (the one single double I`ll be adding in my trade binders)

As well as a card from the original Saint Seiya CCG, 2 more recent italian Lamin cards from their card game edition, a holograph card from the film sets

As well as a few film set cards themselves

A bunch of silver saints mostly from the 2003 TV series set from Amada

And a lot of cards from the Hades set

All the cards where in Near Mint and better condition, and he is a guy I`ll happily buy some more cards from when he ever has some up for trade!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. i have 36 cards (pack), how much i can sell it?

  2. Guess it depends of which series they are

  3. do you know www.todocoleccion.com ? there are many saint seiya cards and caps

  4. do you still have promo cards of knight of the zodiac ccg?