dinsdag 1 april 2014

It`s Flea Market Season again, YAY

I love them, honestly do.  Now I`m not talking those big organised events in big indoor centra, where you have to pay entrance fees, and prices are premiums.

I`m talking the Belgian equivalent of yard sales, where streets are closed off for a day and everyone brings out their junk to have a stand in front of their door, and where you can find some geeky treasures for insanely low prices if one is lucky.

And now that spring is in the air and the weather is getting better, these neighbourhood festivities are popping up again.  I don`t travel around the country on the prowl, but when one pops up in the vincinity I definitly will go strolling around there looking for geeky treasures.

Some of my top catches, perhaps THE top catch last year where 3 Beast Wars Transformers, namely Scorponok, Cheetor and Tarantulas, in excellent condition and no stickerwear at all, complete with all weapons and missiles for a measly 1 euro a piece.  They are featured in a piece I wrote on this blog back in June 2013 as well, and have been, together with some original Karl Marx books, my best catches so far on a flea market.

But not only for me, also for the munchkin some great bargains are often found.  At the same flea market of those Transformers, I found this Harry Potter ccg starter set for 2 euros, with the idea of being able to trade them off for cards I needed for my own collection.  But the kid jas been intrigued by my `card-i-ness` and wanted to start a collection of his own, so this was the logical choice.  And I get to send a lot of my older ccg cards around the world in exchange to fill out his collection where able.

Another great find I did for him at another market was this Harry Potter game, perfect and complete condition having been used once before or so, and costed me 5 euros.  It is quit an impressive toy, as the soft ball is blown upwards by a small aircompressor, then you have to navigate the course you set with hoops and such.

Ah, the joys of those markets, so whenever I see boxes like thios at markets, I start digging.  Kind of like Clive Cussler and his Sea Hunters speech, but in another `zone` of intrest hehe.

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