zaterdag 26 april 2014

The Plan - Week 11

Another week gone by in the gaming days, and this one was mostly focussed on obtaining the Spring Strider mount by gathering 500 Noblegarden chocolates.

Now, I used a trick from my book, and got it in less then 2 hours.  By going to Falconwing Square on monday evening, I had a rather calm hunt (only one other gathering, and two dropping by for the initial quest).  This is due to Silvermoon`s isolated location and the no-flying zone.

The eggs there spawn in a nice circle around the square, and a tour will be completed as eggs spawn anew, allowing to get about 150 of them plus the regular junk each half hour.

So within a single evening, my goal of getting the mount was completed.

But this wasn`t the first thing I did the past week.  As you might have read on the blog, I broke the 10k achievement point marker, yay me for not having a social life, and the one of those final steps towards getting that was past saturday when I obtained the meta achievement Scenaturday, the one that makes you complete half a dozen scenarios on a saturday.

The rest of the week, I mostly and finally started working staunchily towards exalted with the Dominance faction, to complete their storyline involving how the seeds of the rebellion against Garrosh are sown and the Blood Elves are a major player in this, as well as hopefully hitting exalted the coming week for the armoured wyvern.

Talking the coming week, it is also the yearly Children`s week that kicks off monday.  Now, I won`t be playing before wednesday evening as tomorrow it`s Antwerp Convention, then Easter dinner at the parents in law, and monday and wednesday has a round of exams in the making.  So like today, I actually going to need to study...

On a guild level, I did some more work towards my goals of `if I don`t do it, no-one will` and at current the critters stand at 16675 out of 50000, the fishing from pools at 2148 out of 10000 and the cataclysm cooking on 2286 out of 5000, both last ones mostly due to fishing and cooking Fathom Eels when doing my Tol Barad tour on a shamefully not so daily basis...

Well, that leaves me only to set some goals for the coming week, and that are rather non time consuming ones:

* Obtain the missing pets from Children`s Week and as such the Veteran Nanny achievement
* Get exalted with the Offensive for both the mount and the 55 Exalted reputations achievement.

Yep, that is just going to be all, because The Wolf Among Us episode 3 is now installed on my Playstation, and I`ll be trying to complete that first, I just love that series... and get Chu going on The Walking Dead again ;-)

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