dinsdag 29 april 2014

Myth Cloth Review: Orion Eden

Eden, the son of the god Mars and a human mother.  Brother of the deceased Aria who was bound to become Mars`s new world order Athena.  Personally trained by the gold Leo saint Mycaene.  And already at the power level of a Silver Saint when still at the Palaestra school.

The lone wolf of Omega, Eden is the powerhouse and a ferocious fighter, a bit cocky.  This often leads to the image of him being the Ikki of this series, but for me, he is actually more Cygnus Hyoga then the Phoenix saint.
He is driven by the loss of a close relative, is reluctant to get to close to people he considers his friends, and has a cool and calculated method of attacking compared to the onslaught Ikki usually unleashes.

More points of coincidence?  He infiltrated the opposition at the beginning of season 2, like Hyoga did in the Asgard movie, and both where trained personally by a Gold Saint (remember, in the manga the Crystal saint didn`t exist and Camus trained Hyoga).  And he is all melancholy when playing the piano at the grave of his little sister...

Now all that aside, Eden is one of the fan favorite characters of Omega, and I must say, I think he is one of the deeper `developped` characters of the `bronze brats`.  Which is saying something, because to a lot of the fanbase, the new bronzes don`t stand up in a million years to the original ones.

The cloth itself is of course, being a bronze only, fairly straight forward to put together, though it is a bit more complex with the collar piece and connecting to that chestpiece, then the older generation bronzes.  However, with the small shoulder pieces under his large pads, it is rather hard to bend the arms in 90+ degrees arcs.

The colouring is okay, but I find it a little to dark compared to the nearly white armour of the series, or even the more shiny and lighter one of the box art.  But never the less, he is a great figure, and not so over the top on crystals like for example Pegasus Koga.

And I like his baggy trouser ends ;-)

He also has the option to include all those `ghostly parts` from when his cloth powers up for the big Orion attack, but I left those off, it just didn`t look nice in the anime, and I want them to resemble real saints without the special effects of the cartoon hehehe.

All in all, the Omega line so far is only small with Koga released as well, though there have been images from Tamachii about a year ago showing Souma and Ryoho already, so it will become bigger then the discontinued Lost Canvas line, it will just be a matter of time (hopefully not to much time) before more join in, and I can`t wait personally to get my hands on the Lionet myth cloth.

But Eden definitly is a worthwhile addition to a collection, and he isn`t on the expensive end of the toyline hovering around the 70 euro mark.

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